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Bongiovanni Research & Technology, Inc. : Workpad.com®

Internet Content Publishing and Management

Workpad® is an enterprise application which allows web site visitors and administrators to add or update information in a web site, without having to know HTML. This application is optimized for the storage of text and digital information, and allows anyone to publish on a web site or intranet, share binary files and images on the Internet, store type specific data, or publish to email and RSS.

Building a new web page can be as simple as answering a few prompts for the required information. The application then stores the information in a database with one click, and formats requested pages in real-time using one of the predefined layouts.

Users can take of advantage of the many standard layouts, including web links, news articles, classified ads, products and services, and binary files to quickly created finished web pages. Users can retrieve updates and new web pages via email and RSS formatted XML.

With a robust user database and security for each page, you can use Workpad® for your intranet, extranet, and public web site. An administrator can change the security on a specific web page for any user in the database, allowing password protected pages or disallowing edits and additions.

Visit Workpad.com® today and build a site for free!

Features and Benefits
  • Web Site Automation: Workpad® allows all members of your team to participate in the construction and validation of a web site or intranet.
  • Publish with RSS and Email: Workpad® provides the ability to push content via email and RSS formatted XML.
  • No HTML Required: Edits and updates can be completed by anyone, not just computer programmers or HTML authors.
  • Worldwide Access: View or edit your web site from any browser connected to the Internet, from anywhere in the world.
  • Customizable: You can customize the look and feel of each page to match your existing print and new media.
  • User Database: Get to know the users of your web site and track their habits and demographics.
  • Integrated Security: Control every user's ability to read or edit every single page on the site.

Customization Services
BRT can quickly customize the functionality and design of a Workpad® site to your exact specifications. We can also import your existing web site content!

Workpad® is a registered trademark of Bongiovanni Research & Technology, Inc.